Baga Imports Indian Hippie Bohemian Black and Gold Ombre Mandala Floral Wall




Size:Twin  |  Color:Black Gold Flower
Hanging Tapestry Twin Size Bedding (82 x 54 inches) (Twin, Black Gold Flower)

This cotton tapestry is a perfect example of Indian craftsmanship and rich traditional heritage. The 82 X 54 inch tapestry has a tribal floral design in black and gold colors.

The design is a ‘Mandala’ which means ‘Circle’ in Sanskrit. Mandalas are used for spiritual purposes as a component of the pre-Hindu and Buddhist traditions in various regions of the Indian sub-continent. The design signifies the universe and reminds us that we are just a small speck of a greater whole. The two-color theme symbolizes the duality of life. Be it feminine and masculine, yin and yang or Shiva and Shakti, the whole of creation resonates with the duality of life. This particular design brings energy, wisdom and creativity in one’s life and helps you in increasing your concentration level.

It can be used as a wall hanging, a bed sheet, picnic blanket, yoga mat, tablecloth, curtain or a beach mat. Give your wall/room an ethnic look with this gorgeous tapestry while reaping its amazing benefits for your mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Gently wash the sheet in cold water and let it dry in a shaded area. For the first few times, wash it separately.


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